Windshield Replacement

At Auto Glass Repair, one of our highly trained technicians makes an educated decision in choosing to replace your auto glass. Your windshield is a Safety Device it can save your life we offer service you can depend on. Auto Glass Repair is a certified glass installer and we’ll insure the highest quality in materials and technique. We offer mobile, 24hr service for any emergency or urgency you might have. Let us get you back on the road quickly and safely.

Auto Glass Repair knows the importance of a strong and reliable windshield. Hence, we take our jobs seriously and understand when your windshield needs replacement. Our trained technicians know what they are doing through years of experience and service. That is why do not be afraid to let us handle your replacement needs. Auto Glass Repair is a great glass installer, and we only use top of the line products for our clients. Another good thing about us is we offer 24 hours service, so even when you need help in the middle of the night, you can trust Auto Glass Repair to come to your rescue.

Glass installation can be done quick but with proper care here is a short list:

  • Inspect
  • Removal of broken glass and parts
  • Primer
  • Apply high quality glass
  • Level and center windshield
  • Reinstall moldings
  • Reinstall wipers
  • Check for leaks
  • Final Inspection
  • Clean vehicle inside and out
  • Warranty
Windshield Replacement Sacramento

We offer lifetime warranty on workmanship, any air leaks or water leaks and lifetime rock chip repair on all new windshields that are installed here at Auto Glass Repair. (We will fix your rock chip for no cost to you

Here Is A Guide For Glass Installation That We Do In Our Shop:

Inspection - In order for us to properly diagnose if your windshield needs replacement, we first inspect the glass. If it is not salvageable and we think that it may cause you problems later, we then decide that we should replace it.

Removal Of Broken Glass And Parts - Of course if we are to replace your old windshield, we must remove the parts we will not need. We will do this in such a way that the broken glass will not scratch or damage your car parts.

Primer - This is done mainly to prepare the glass for the urethane that we are going to use.

Apply High Quality Glass And Level The Windshield - This is the time when we put another glass in place of the old one. We will level it so it would look perfect.

Reinstall Moldings And Wipers - After applying the new glass we will now put this back on the car.

Check For Leaks And Final Inspection - We like to make sure that everything is done properly; a final inspection is done ensuring there are no leaks, and everything is arranged correctly.

Clean Vehicle Inside And Out - We do not want you to sit on broken glass so we clean your car for you.

Warranty - For all new windshields installed at Auto Glass Repair we give a lifetime warranty on any air or water leaks along with the rock cheap reapirs at no costs to you.

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