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At Auto Glass Repair, we will happily assist you with determining if your glass can be repaired or replacement. Just remember if you can cover the chipped area with a quarter in most cases it can be repaired. Don’t wait too long with a small chip on the windshield or it can lead to bigger more costly damage. Your safety can be at stake did you know that the airbag could pop out a windshield if it’s poorly installed. Remember most insurance providers will cover 100% of the cost. At Auto Glass Repair can do more than just windshield repair here are some our other services.

You love your car, you longed for it, you saved up for it, and now you own it. It takes you places, you can go to the beach any time you want without thinking how you will commute there, and you can take the kids out anytime. You can even impress your date with the shiny finish of the hood. Yes, your car is everything you dream of and more. If you are a car owner, then you know that daily maintenance is the key to keep it running smoothly. Check the engine once in a while to make sure everything is ok. Even your auto glass needs some loving and should be repaired or replaced when broken. Think these things are too tedious? Do not fret because Auto Glass Repair is here to do these things for you.

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Our Services:

Power and Manual Windows - Our car needs a manual or power window in order for us to raise or lower the windows. Sometimes it gets broken because of usage, old age, or accidents. Auto Glass Repair can repair or replace your power and manual windows for a low price.

Front Windshield - Your windshield protects you from harmful elements. It gets broken or damaged because of automobile accidents, and even when someone throws a ball or rock at your car without meaning to. Auto Glass Repair can repair or replace your front windshield for an affordable price.

Rear Glass - This is the glass found at the back of your car. Like your windshield, this is very important but is often taken for granted by car owners. Auto Glass Repair can repair or replace your rear glass for a discounted price.

Vent - Vents are useful for hot or cold days. When it is broken, the car will be too hot in the summer and vice versa. Auto Glass Repair can repair or replace your vent on a price you can surely handle.

Window Motors and Regulators - Like the power and manual windows, this is also important for the correct functionality of your cars window. Sometimes, the fuse or circuit breaker encounters a problem making it impossible for you to lower or raise your window. Auto Glass Repair can repair or replace your window motors and regulators for a price that is not heavy on your wallet.

Vent Glass - Having a vent glass fixed is usually expensive, if you try doing it yourself you may not be able to install it properly. Auto Glass Repair can repair or replace your vent glass easily on a fair price.

Van Side Windows - Auto Glass Repair can fix any type of glass including van side windows for a reasonable price that you will not be able to find anywhere else.

Roof Windows (Moon Roofs, Sun Roofs) - A falling tree or debris may accidentally shatter or break your beautiful roof windows. Auto Glass Repair can repair or replace your roof windows for a bargain.

Rear View Mirrors - This is a vital element in your car to see the movement of other vehicles. Auto Glass Repair can repair or replace your rear view mirrors on an economic price.

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