Toyota windshield replacement

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Are you looking to replace or repair your damaged Toyota windshield? Then look no further because you are in the right place. Replacing the windshield of your Toyota vehicle is a pretty simple process. In addition, the best thing is that the process in universally applicable on all Toyota models! It is essential that you have your broken or cracked Toyota windshield replaced, as it would be a dangerous gamble to drive with. Through this guide we are going to show you exactly how to do so. So buckle up!
First you need to have a friend help you out with the process; it can be quite tedious for one person. You need to remove the damaged windshield before replacement. To do this, first remove the rearview mirror and wipers by removing their repair-windshield-02screws. Remember to always wear eye and hand protective when working with glass.

Your Toyota model should have the metal or plastic outer trim that aids to hold the glass in place. This should be removed next and it only requires that you have a special trim removal tool available in any car auto shop. Insert the tool underneath the trim so it holds and unfastens the clips. A cloth should be used to hold the tool to prevent scratching the Toyota windshield further.
Next is the rubber gasket. What’s its condition? Is it dry or cracked? If it is then you also need to replace it before installing the new windshield. To achieve this you need to carefully slice through the rubber casket with a knife. Be cautious not to scratch the glass windshield.However, if the rubber lining is undamaged, then you can remove the Toyota windshield with it still intact.
The next step is to push out the Toyota windshield. Now this is where your friends help comes in hand. The windshield needs to be pushed from the inside of the car. Place your foot or a large stick against the windshield while seated in one of the seats. Your assistant should be positioned on the outside on top of the hood ready to grab the glass as it pops out. Do not kick the glass! Use extreme caution if the Toyota windshield is cracked; avoid contact from the crack as far as possible. It could shutter and end injuring your foot, or your friend.
After removing the windshield, if the rubber lining is still intact, you can pull it off and use it to install the new Toyota windshield. It is advisable to get a new rubber gasket to fit on the new windshield. Now take the new windshield and fit it with the rubber lining around the edges. You can do this with the help of urethane.
Finally, with the aid of your assistant, lift the new Toyota windshield and fit it onto the vehicle. Clean the edges of the windshield frame before you fit it and make sure that the windshield is of the correct dimensions and specifications of your Toyota brand. After fitting the windshield onto the Toyota car, the next step is to fit the metal or plastic trim to hold the glass into place. Fasten the clips on the trim to ensure a firm grasp. After the new Toyota windshield is installed in place, you can now fit in place the wipers and rearview mirrors. Give the repair a minimum of twenty four hours to cure of the urethane applied on the edges of the windshield.
And there you have it. Your windshield is as good as new and your Toyota vehicle is ready to hit the road!