Mercedes auto glass repair

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Do you want to save money with Mercedes auto glass repair? I bet you do. The cost of installation for a new Mercedes auto glass is quite high. To cut back the expenses of repairing auto glasses, many Mercedes owners try to install windshields themselves. This can however be very challenging if one is not equipped with the technical know-how. But don’t waste any more money repairing Mercedes auto glasses. The solution? Simple; take an afternoon off, grab a friend and learn the simple process of repairing your Mercedes auto glass by yourself. Trust me; you will be glad that you did. It will definitely cut back your loses.

First and foremost, you need to be in protective gear when handling any type of glass. Extreme caution should be observed when working with damaged glass. Remove the auto glass wipers from the windshield. You can do this by unscrewing the screws holding them with a screwdriver. Leave the bottom half of the wipers as they are attached to the hood of your Mercedes. The next step is to locate the clips that hold the molding onto the auto glass. Unfasten them and slowly pull away the molding from the window. You may need to use a screwdriver to snoop it up in places.l

Cut away the old dried up glue clutching the Mercedes auto glass with a pocket knife or a razor blade. Be very careful as the auto glass is very vulnerable and can shatter with the lightest of pressure. Have patience as it will take a considerable amount of time to cut off all sealant around the Mercedes auto glass.  Take caution not to cut and injure yourself in the process.

Get into the car and remove the old or damaged auto glass by slowly applying pressure on the windshield. You can push using your hands with protective gloves. It is much easier if a friend is helping out by holding the Mercedes auto glass from the outside on the bonnet. This will prevent the glass from suddenly popping out and shattering all over.

The next step after removing the Mercedes auto glass is to wipe out the rest of the sealant from the edges that the auto glass was laid in. You can use a sharp and pointy object like a pocket knife, screwdriver or razor blade to scrap off the sticky stuff. Once all is scrapped off, apply a new layer of sealant to the groove. Use plenty to cover all the edges.

Take the new auto glass and gently lay it onto the newly applied sealant. If the sealant was used excessively, it will ooze out onto the glass. Just wipe it off with a rag. Be absolutely sure that the auto glass fits squarely and securely on the edges of the windshield frame. Having done that, you can no re-attach the auto glass wipers on the window.

Next, take the molding and replace onto the newly installed Mercedes auto glass. The process is as easy as eating pie. You can use a rubbery object to firmly attach the auto glass molding into place. The applied glue should be left to dry for at least a day before exerting any kind of pressure whatsoever. The Mercedes car windows should also be rolled down for a day or two to prevent the auto glass from popping out when closing and opening the doors.

Having observed all this, your Mercedes is ready to cruise again and the best part, you have more bucks to spare!


Toyota windshield replacement

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Are you looking to replace or repair your damaged Toyota windshield? Then look no further because you are in the right place. Replacing the windshield of your Toyota vehicle is a pretty simple process. In addition, the best thing is that the process in universally applicable on all Toyota models! It is essential that you have your broken or cracked Toyota windshield replaced, as it would be a dangerous gamble to drive with. Through this guide we are going to show you exactly how to do so. So buckle up!
First you need to have a friend help you out with the process; it can be quite tedious for one person. You need to remove the damaged windshield before replacement. To do this, first remove the rearview mirror and wipers by removing their repair-windshield-02screws. Remember to always wear eye and hand protective when working with glass.

Your Toyota model should have the metal or plastic outer trim that aids to hold the glass in place. This should be removed next and it only requires that you have a special trim removal tool available in any car auto shop. Insert the tool underneath the trim so it holds and unfastens the clips. A cloth should be used to hold the tool to prevent scratching the Toyota windshield further.
Next is the rubber gasket. What’s its condition? Is it dry or cracked? If it is then you also need to replace it before installing the new windshield. To achieve this you need to carefully slice through the rubber casket with a knife. Be cautious not to scratch the glass windshield.However, if the rubber lining is undamaged, then you can remove the Toyota windshield with it still intact.
The next step is to push out the Toyota windshield. Now this is where your friends help comes in hand. The windshield needs to be pushed from the inside of the car. Place your foot or a large stick against the windshield while seated in one of the seats. Your assistant should be positioned on the outside on top of the hood ready to grab the glass as it pops out. Do not kick the glass! Use extreme caution if the Toyota windshield is cracked; avoid contact from the crack as far as possible. It could shutter and end injuring your foot, or your friend.
After removing the windshield, if the rubber lining is still intact, you can pull it off and use it to install the new Toyota windshield. It is advisable to get a new rubber gasket to fit on the new windshield. Now take the new windshield and fit it with the rubber lining around the edges. You can do this with the help of urethane.
Finally, with the aid of your assistant, lift the new Toyota windshield and fit it onto the vehicle. Clean the edges of the windshield frame before you fit it and make sure that the windshield is of the correct dimensions and specifications of your Toyota brand. After fitting the windshield onto the Toyota car, the next step is to fit the metal or plastic trim to hold the glass into place. Fasten the clips on the trim to ensure a firm grasp. After the new Toyota windshield is installed in place, you can now fit in place the wipers and rearview mirrors. Give the repair a minimum of twenty four hours to cure of the urethane applied on the edges of the windshield.
And there you have it. Your windshield is as good as new and your Toyota vehicle is ready to hit the road!


Auto Glass repair Sacramento

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Is there a broken glass on your ride? It is important that you repair it in time, remember a stitch in time save nine. You might have been hit with a stone propelled by the rotation force of another car tire when you went for the upcountry picnic. There might be that web with a hole at the center or simply a web with a core but no hole. Whichever it is, you need to take the right decision immediately. Advice: it is a risk driving around with that kind of window, even if it is the rear window. It can be the weak point for car theft.


We will repair your auto glass as well as replace it if needed. You may be wondering, does your car need glass replacement or repair? Well, these two are different. Replacement is a general technique that is applicable to broken windows. You will realize that, it is impossible to repair a broken windshield. Replacement is the right remedy for broken auto glass and it is overhaul of the entire damaged glass and fitting a new one in its place. On the other hand, repair is done on the auto glass frame. If you realize that some of the bolts and nuts holding your windshield for example, are missing or loose, it is important that you seek technical support.


Now, some people will try to fix any problems on their auto glass personally. Be advised that this is a very risky undertaking. If you don’t know what you are doing, better leave it to the professionals. A professional will replace and repair you auto glass with the right skills and even establish the cause of the problem in the case of loose or missing bolts.

Here at autoglasssrepair.com, we are committed to ensure that we give you the best auto glass repair service in the market. We have the best auto mechanics in Sacramento. They are well trained and to ensure that our mechanics are ay the top of their game, we have on-the-job training programs that equip out staff members with the latest auto glass technology in the market. Therefore, you can be sure your ride is in good hands with us. In addition to service, we are committed to serve as we care for our clients. Our primary objective is to ensure that you get what you deserve in quality to satisfy you.

We have been in the field for long enough to bud a large clientele base of happy and satisfied clients. The testimonials page will help to show our success with auto glass repair. How much does it cost to have your auto glass repaired? This is definitely one of the questions you will have when considering our services, right? Well, rest assured that we are affordable and you accommodate us in your budget. To help cut on what you spend on auto glass repairs, we have coupons that have a 10% price cut.

To allow us the privilege of fixing your auto glass, contact us now.


Has your car been involved in an incidence that left the windshield damaged as to prevent a safe ride? First, sorry about it but because saying sorry may not help, we have mobile windshield replacement services for you. Therefore, if you are in Sacramento and its surrounding areas; you don’t have to stall your journey, you don’t have to be late for that interview, you don’t have to give up on making a phenomenon arrival to signing that contract. We can help. We will replace your windshield through our mobile services. Yes, we will come to you and replace that windshield within the shortest time possible.

To ensure that we serve you best, we have a 24-hour mobile windshield replacement service. We understand that disaster can strike anytime and to ensure that you aren’t inconvenienced by the damages on your windshield, we are available on a 24-hour basis. We will replace your car windshield anytime anywhere within Sacramento. All you need is to place a call. Our customer care desk is open and reachable on a 24 hour 7 days a week basis. You will get someone on the other side and if so required, you will have a technician to listen to you problem. In addition to a call, we have email system that also works perfectly.bullet hole

In addition to the 24-hour mobile windshield replacement service, we have emergency windshield replacement services. Who is this services meant for? The emergency windshield replacement service is for anyone within Sacramento who needs to have their windshield replacement immediately. If you realize you have a damaged windshield in the morning, for instance, if you ran across rioters and you are hit with a stone, then just drive out of the area and call us. We will be there, replace it and allow you to continue with your business.

Our technicians are well trained and experienced from the many years we have been in operation. To ensure that we remain relevant; we train our technicians continuously through internal seminars and on the job training. As a measure of our expertise in windshield replacement, we have a large base of clients made up of satisfied members. Our primary objective in replacing your windshield is to ensure 100% satisfaction, and so far, we are proud to say we have hit the objective based on our client’s responses.

What does it cost to have your car windshield replaced? This is obviously a concern to any buy. Well, we don’t have fixed rates as they depend on the particular car. The older car models will cost more to replace a windshield. Why you ask, right? Well it is considerably hard to get the windshield for some of the older car models. In addition, they also cost more. Otherwise, out service charge is fixed. To serve you better, we have periodic coupons as well as discounts that come in handy in reducing your price.

For more on what we offer and for details on our mobile windshield replacement service, please contact us now.


Do you know that your auto glass can get into in to issues with the law? Various aspects of the law concern your auto glass that you need to know to stay out of trouble. There is nothing more irritating like to be stopped and forced to pull over by the cops and then you are issued with a traffic ticket of a crime you do not have any info. However, no matter how irritating it is, ignorance is no defense. Therefore, if you are the proud owner of some new wheels, then you had better get to know what the law says in relation to your auto glass.

The main concern that you might want to know is tinted windows. However, you don’t have to stress yourself with all these. Let us handle matters concerning your auto glass and you can concern yourself with other productive activities. Why spend time going through the law to see what it says in relation to your auto glass when you can be in your business making some coins? We are the auto glass experts in Sacramento, CA. If you need one-time auto glass service or long-term auto glass technicians; we are at your service.police

We have the expertise and the experience needed to ensure that your auto glass is in line with what the law says. For example, not all cars can be tinted. However, because tinted windows have a health advantage, you can have your auto glass tinted but not the whole piece. Normally, the upper quarter can be tinted. Also, you cannot have excessive graphics on your auto glass especially the windshield. These are just but some of the few things that will bring the law all over you if you violate them. But you don’t have to. With our technicians working on your ride, you can be assured that no cop will stop you but all you get are positive comments.

Our objective in serving you is to ensure that you are satisfied, and so far, we can confidently say we are achieving the objective if the positive testimonies we have is anything to go by. For the 3 years we have been in business, we have build a clientele base of offer 100,000 satisfied clients. You can therefore be sure that, we will do whatever it takes to make your experience not only admirable, but that you stay out of the law.

You can reach us through a phone call, an email or through instant messengers like Skype. You are available 24/7 and our service is in two forms, emergency services and 24-hour response service. You can bring the vehicle to us or we can come to you… whichever is convenient for you, we are flexible. What’s more, our prices are highly affordable and flexible. This means, we will surely come up with an auto glass package that is within the law and that fits your budget. In addition, if you want the entire auto glass package, you will find it affordable.

So, what do you need us to do for you? Get in touch now.