With the many auto glass companies in the market today, it has become increasingly important to be vigilant about who you hire to repair your car glass. Some of the firms out there are run by unlicensed and uncertified technicians. There are several risks that you expose yourself as well as the technicians for working without a license or the relevant certifications. Every state has its own auto glass repair licensing and certification requirements. Nevertheless, the base line is that the company you contract for the services should be licensed and certified by the relevant authorities.

Benefits derived from licensed and certified auto glass repair over unlicensed company:

First, with the licensed and certified company, you are sure of the best service available in the market. For one to be licensed and certified for operations as an auto glass repairer, they have to meet a given set of requirements. These include a written test as well as undertaking a practical session to ensure that you have the skills and the hands-on expertise needed for the job. When you work with a licensed company, you are sure the technicians know what they are doing. As such, your car is safe and the services you get are safe.

On the other hand, unlicensed auto glass firm cannot show their skills or expertise. What some of these unlicensed company do is, they break away from a licensed firm and start up an auto glass repair firm only to make money without concern for the services offered.  Therefore, when you rely on unlicensed services, you stand the risk of having your car damaged further or a shabby job. The risk for a shabby job is grave. If it is the windshield bring repaired or re-installed and it is done wrong, then it can come off when you are cruising at top speed among other risks: guess what can happen if it comes off or caves in! licensed-auto-glass-company

A licensed and certified firm is committed to the service. For an auto glass repairer to take the initiative to sit through the examination, get licensed, then pursue the certification documents, it shows they are committed to auto glass repair. With commitment, you are sure that when you take your car to them, they are dedicated to repair it. Commitment is key as it ensures client satisfaction. For example, they have the right repair machines, they employ the latest and most effective strategies and they are keen to ensure that you are satisfied with the service they offer.

However, this cannot be said of unlicensed auto glass repair firms. Because their primary objective is to make money, they do not care of the quality of service they provide. They are not dedicated to the service hence; they take no initiative to learn of the latest’s and most effective auto glass repair strategies. This incompetency is duplicated on your car.

Lastly but not least, licensed auto glass repair will determine whether your insurer pays for the auto glass repair services. This means that if you use the services of an unlicensed auto glass company, the insurance company can use this as a ground to not compensate you. Moreover, the licensed auto glass repair firms have close connections with insurance firms. All you need to do is have your car repaired and the repair firm will follow up the compensation with the insurance. This not only saves you time, but is reassuring.