Mercedes auto glass repair

Written by: Admin

Do you want to save money with Mercedes auto glass repair? I bet you do. The cost of installation for a new Mercedes auto glass is quite high. To cut back the expenses of repairing auto glasses, many Mercedes owners try to install windshields themselves. This can however be very challenging if one is not equipped with the technical know-how. But don’t waste any more money repairing Mercedes auto glasses. The solution? Simple; take an afternoon off, grab a friend and learn the simple process of repairing your Mercedes auto glass by yourself. Trust me; you will be glad that you did. It will definitely cut back your loses.

First and foremost, you need to be in protective gear when handling any type of glass. Extreme caution should be observed when working with damaged glass. Remove the auto glass wipers from the windshield. You can do this by unscrewing the screws holding them with a screwdriver. Leave the bottom half of the wipers as they are attached to the hood of your Mercedes. The next step is to locate the clips that hold the molding onto the auto glass. Unfasten them and slowly pull away the molding from the window. You may need to use a screwdriver to snoop it up in places.l

Cut away the old dried up glue clutching the Mercedes auto glass with a pocket knife or a razor blade. Be very careful as the auto glass is very vulnerable and can shatter with the lightest of pressure. Have patience as it will take a considerable amount of time to cut off all sealant around the Mercedes auto glass.  Take caution not to cut and injure yourself in the process.

Get into the car and remove the old or damaged auto glass by slowly applying pressure on the windshield. You can push using your hands with protective gloves. It is much easier if a friend is helping out by holding the Mercedes auto glass from the outside on the bonnet. This will prevent the glass from suddenly popping out and shattering all over.

The next step after removing the Mercedes auto glass is to wipe out the rest of the sealant from the edges that the auto glass was laid in. You can use a sharp and pointy object like a pocket knife, screwdriver or razor blade to scrap off the sticky stuff. Once all is scrapped off, apply a new layer of sealant to the groove. Use plenty to cover all the edges.

Take the new auto glass and gently lay it onto the newly applied sealant. If the sealant was used excessively, it will ooze out onto the glass. Just wipe it off with a rag. Be absolutely sure that the auto glass fits squarely and securely on the edges of the windshield frame. Having done that, you can no re-attach the auto glass wipers on the window.

Next, take the molding and replace onto the newly installed Mercedes auto glass. The process is as easy as eating pie. You can use a rubbery object to firmly attach the auto glass molding into place. The applied glue should be left to dry for at least a day before exerting any kind of pressure whatsoever. The Mercedes car windows should also be rolled down for a day or two to prevent the auto glass from popping out when closing and opening the doors.

Having observed all this, your Mercedes is ready to cruise again and the best part, you have more bucks to spare!