Your trusted windshield and auto glass repair and replacement service, Dave’s Auto Glass has set up a new office in Sacramento. Same quality services for your car, just a different location. Sacramento Auto Glass is the name of our new office and we are located in Sacramento City, California, USA. At Sacramento Auto Glass, we understand how tricky and costly it can be to get long lasting windshield replacement and a guaranteed auto glass repair for your car in such a city as Sacramento. If the glass on your ride is broken or cracked, then look no further. This is the place to be. We will definitely get your car back on the road!

The location of our new office Sacramento Auto Glass is mutually convenient for you and us as the customer. We can now cover more ground and get to you for all the auto glass needs for your car. Also our new office is now open for more hours to cater and serve all your needs. Any time that you happen to be in need of our services, you can contact us through our free mobile service or get in touch with our professional website We are always available. Customer service and satisfaction is our core driving principle thus we are willing to go beyond the norm to ensure that you get every cent of your money’s worth. This gives us the upper hand over all other auto glass services in Sacramento.Sacramento Auto Glass

At Sacramento Auto Glass we provide windshield replacement and auto glass repair services across a range of diverse car models from Toyota, Honda, Mercedes, Ford, Fiat, BMW, Chevrolet, Buick to Jaguar, you name it! Our technicians at Sacramento Auto Glass are very seasoned with years of experience in the realm of auto glass repair and replacement. In the course of this business, our certified professionals have firmly grasped the craftsmanship that is auto glass repair and replacement. In addition, our penchant for technology has seen us acquire cutting-edge equipment to ensure that your beloved car is serviced precisely and competently. All our auto glass repairs are accompanied with a lifetime warranty for future services.

So what are the benefits of seeking the services of Sacramento Auto Glass?

  • Windshield replacement and auto glass repair services for all car models and of all sizes. From SUVs, saloons, trucks, vans, sedans, wagons to sports and luxury cars. Whichever car we have the glass!
  • We are affiliated with major insurance agents across Sacramento so if your car is insured the better. We service your car if it has been involved in an accident and your insurer pays the cost.
  • At Sacramento Auto Glass, we boast of advanced technology and certified and proven technicians to deliver effectively. Your car could never be in safer hands!
  • When it comes to top quality services at cost effective prices, Sacramento Auto Glass easily out-maneuvers all other auto glass services in Sacramento. We fix your car at very affordable prices.
  • You can rest guaranteed of quality service by our talented crew because we will issue you with a lifetime warranty for further repairs or replacement!

Be sure to get in touch with Sacramento Auto Glass any time your car needs auto glass repair or replace and reap off the many benefits we offer.

4755 Auburn Blvd. #2, Sacramento, CA 95841

If you are ever in need of our services, you can easily access our offices at 4755 Auburn Blvd. 2, Sacramento, CA 95841. For further contact details, you can consult the local online directory or visit our website. You have probably heard of the age old saying, a customer is always right. Our customer care service will surely reinforce this saying. We take pride in providing quality customer service and make every effort to keep our standards high. Our experienced and friendly staff members tailor our service to fulfill the individual demands specific to each of our clients.

Our regular Monday to Friday opening hours are between 8am and 5pm, however our telephone lines are always open, and any calls are always answered. We operate a continuous 24/7 answering service, which includes toll free service, regular phone service and email. It is our policy to try to respond to any unresolved inquiries, which are left with reception outside our normal office hours no later than the next working day.

We are dedicated to ensuring all of our clients receive the best customer service possible. As a client of ours, our entire team will always try to give you all the help and support you need; but in addition to this, we also assign our clients with a dedicated staff member to keep customer service efficient and personal. It will be solely the job of this staff member to be first in line to deal with any queries or issues you may have, and they will be your main contact should anything require urgent attention. Our will also be available via a mobile telephone number outside of normal opening hours.

Our commitment to after-sales service means you can always be sure we will do everything in our power to help resolve any issues or problems that may occur. We have always received exceptionally positive feedback regarding our services in general and are continually searching for new ways to perfect our client management. We are devoted to providing our clients with fully comprehensive information and honest, reliable advice, every step of the way; all helping assist you to make the best decision for your vehicle  service.

Operating as an independent windshield replacement and auto repair service enables us to remain unbiased towards any specific auto glass manufacturers and cars in general. This means you will always receive truthful, impartial advice from our staff – offered with the real intention of providing you with the best solution available.

We like to focus our efforts in to giving our customers a diverse selection of options to choose from when trying to make an auto glass repair or replacement decision. Experience has taught us that people can sometimes commit too quickly to an idea, without first properly considering the other options available to them. Occasionally, the most obvious solution is not the best solution, and it can often pay in the long run to give things a little extra thought at the beginning.

Tell us what kind of auto glass service you need for your car and we will carefully weigh up all the factors involved and provide you with a highly considered list of options that we feel best meets your desired criteria. We will also acknowledge your queries, comments or complaints within a short period of receiving them here, telling you how long it will take to give you a full reply if we cannot do so in that time. When we are unable to offer a service, we will give reasons and a timescale for when that specific service can be recommended.