The maintenance of your cars glass is critical. While maintenance is more about what to do, have you ever thought of what not to do on your auto glass. Probably not, this is why we are presenting five things that you should not do on your auto glass.

The first is when cleaning your auto glass. It is important that you use smooth material when cleaning any glass part on your car. There are special commercial glass cleaning materials in the shops, but if you want to use a rag, you should ensure that it is smooth enough with no rough element. These will scratch your auto glass leading to poor visibility.auto glass mistake

Second thing is not to do it yourself when you’re in need of auto glass repair unless you know what you are doing. There are dozen types of repair services that might be required on your auto glass. The temptation to DIY is very high especially because it is a way to save. However, some of the damages on your auto glass might seem very simple to fix while actually, they are an indication of a greater underlying problem. Moreover, you might cause more damage when trying to DIY.

Third thing is placing heavy materials on your auto glass. When ferrying lengthy or additional language what cannot fit in the car, in the boot or the carrier, ensure that it does not press the windshield or rear screen. In addition, ensure that the habits of persons lying on the windshield or rear screen are avoided. These cases can break the glass, crack it, or loosen it, which can be a safety risk when driving.

Fourth, when cleaning your auto glass, do not use detergent or reagent that might darken or scorch the glass. There are many detergent, soaps, and cleaning reagent in the market. However, not all are suitable for cleaning your auto glass. If you have no idea of what to use in cleaning your auto glass, it is wise to get professional advice. Moreover, cleaning auto glass depends on the type of dirt to be removed. While it is easy to remove dust, oil stain might require special reagents.

Last yet importantly, do not drive around with a cracked or chipped auto glass especially the windshield. First, it is illegal to drive around with a chipped or cracked windshield and secondly, it is a safety risk because it can give in to the pressure when speeding.

To stay safe and ensure you don’t have to bear the costs of repairing or replacing your auto glass because your insurance company won’t compensate, ensure that you have the services of a professional auto glass repairer. One of these companies you can rely on for safe and professional auto glass services is auto glass repair Sacramento.