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Auto Glass Repair Sacramento

Dave’s auto glass offers experienced and high quality auto glass services. We repair windshields and windows on any type of vehicle at affordable prices and with superior customer service. We offer the best customer service and highest quality glass at the most competitive prices in Northern California for auto glass repair and replacement. Your problem can be fixed by one of our professional technicians. If it’s made out of glass we can fix it!

Getting your auto glass replaced doesn’t have to be a pain!

Our Specialties

  • Power and Manual Windows
  • Front Windshield
  • Rear Glass
  • Vent
  • Window Motors
  • Window Regulators
  • Vent Glass
  • Van Side Windows
  • Roof Windows (Moon Roofs, Sun Roofs)
  • Chipped Windows
  • Rear View Mirrors

Dave’s Auto Glass can do more than just windshields replacements. We can fix anything in any type of vehicle. Your problem can be fixed by one of our professional technicians.

Dave’s Auto Glass is your trusted partner when it comes to auto glass repair or replacement. A single crack in your windshield can lead to something worse, giving you bigger problems and costly repair. Here at Dave’s Auto Glass, we care about your safety and well-being, which is why we only offer the best service anyone can get for a low price. Not all cars are the same, but do not give up just yet because our staff is knowledgeable in virtually any type of vehicles and auto glass.

So what is auto glass? Auto glass comes in two types; they can be tempered glass or laminated safety glass. The former refers to the rear and side windows in your car, while the latter is commonly used for windshields. The windshield is one of the most important components of your car. Without it, anything can go inside your vehicle while you are travelling. Dirt, insects, even the harsh weather can harm you. There are a lot of bad scenarios that can happen without the help of your windshield. This is why Dave’s Auto Glass wants to solve your problems for you.

Running late? Do not worry because Dave’s Auto Glass values your time. Here at Dave’s Auto Glass, we do not like to keep our customers waiting. You give us something to repair, we diagnose the problem, we fix it, and you can have your vehicle back, all in record time. We only use the highest quality glass you can find in the market, we do not like to compromise the quality for cheap prices, although we do offer them with great discount. People all over Northern California are thanking us for a job well done and for an amazing auto glass service, just look at our testimonials for proof that when we say we will fix your car, we will do it with gusto.

If it’s made out of glass we can fix it!

Dave's Satisfaction Guarantee
Auto Glass Repairman Sacramento


5 Star Review

Dave provided outstanding service on my Volvo at my residence. I called him at 8:30 AM, and less than three hours later I had a new windshield installed, without going anywhere, and at the lowest price imaginable. Dave did a thorough job, using top materials and the safest techniques to avoid any damage to the car.
Wish you continuing success.

Bruno Sartirana
5 Star Review

Super excellent service! I was angry and felt violated when I woke up to a shattered back windshield I had to get to work and was panicking. I called Dave’s Auto Glass got a quote over the phone. Not only did they give me a really low price but also I got my car fixed so quick that I didn’t have to call in late to work. I was amazed at the speedy great quality work. Dave’s Auto also reminded me call my insurance carrier for reimbursement. I would definitely recommend Dave’s Auto Glass to friends and family.

Sergio Campos
5 Star Review

Dave’s Auto Glass is very reliable and trustworthy I would recommend this company to anyone.

Doug Fegel
5 Star Review

At Dave’s Auto they were very courteous and professional not to mention quick. Great job!!!

Jose Munoz

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